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  1. Boss Event at Shilon at 4.00 AM UTC on June, 19 2018 Laghaim World Comes as a Reliable Private Laghaim Game. The World of Laghaim Game is Here! The Legendary Nostalgic MMORPG PC Game! Visit and play at: Follow and Join Us on: FB Page : FB Group : Twitter : Instagram: Youtube : #Laghaim #game #games #pcgames #mmorpg #onlinegames #pcgaming
  2. Maintanance and Feature Upgrade List on June 18, 2018 Update : Fixing Drop Cooper, Silver, Gold, Platinum Box Add New Graphic For Weapon : 400, 450, 500, 550 (we'll update all tomorrow) Remove Weapon 320 Rental, Change to Weapon 400 Rental (we'll fix tomorrow) Add Consumption Attack 1 Hour, Exp 1 Hour, Def 1 Hour Manual Patch if automatic update failed (v. 2005 update) :